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True Insight Spiritual Center

Hello. I am Carrie ~ Creative Director of True Insight.

I am often asked, “What is True Insight?”

True Insight is here to assist each individual to know & learn more about themselves. True Insight is about empowering each individual In Their Innate Ability to open up and begin to discover and explore their own nature ~ original essence.

We are so unique ~ so magical ~ each and every one of us.
How do you begin to explore all that you are?
I have heard it said over and over again. I wish I came with an instruction manual. Well You Did ~ YOU!
You have all of your own instructions and your own information inside of you!

True Insight assists you through Intuitive Meditation. Intuitive Meditation is the place in you that you go ~  to where you are quiet ~ to where no one else exists except you. In this place, you begin to explore levels of yourself you knew existed but did not know how to get there.

Intuitive Meditation is such a magical experience and so empowering that in my belief, as humans, we haven’t even begun to explore how magical
we really are. No matter how much we do know, have created or have learned, we want to know, create and learn more.

True Insight has classes of Intuitive Meditation from 1 night to 7+ years.
How much of you do you want to explore? How many unanswered questions do you have about yourself?

Come In, Meditate And Play.
Please look through our website and see if there is something there for you.
We have classes, workshops, and special events.
You can also find us on Facebook.

Thank you


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